general conditions of sale

General conditions of sale


1. Minimum price: application of a minimum if the document to be translated contains less than 250 words.

2. General clause: our services are subject to these terms and conditions, which prevail over all other conditions of purchase, unless expressly waived by us.

3. Generation of the contract: when we provide an estimate, it includes special conditions modifying or completing these general conditions.

4. Deliveries: The times indicated for the execution and delivery of the services are provided for information only and therefore can not be the subject of any compensation for delay.

5. Price: the price is indicated before taxes. It takes into account the technical nature of the service to be provided, the volume and the deadlines for execution. If the price is calculated by word, a tolerance of 10% upwards or downwards is accepted. The texts must be provided to us in printed or typed form. They may contain readable handwritten corrections. A text difficult to read may justify a judicial resolution of the contract. Contract amendments agreed upon by the parties may change the price indicated, in particular for any additional services not included in the original contract. The translation is delivered in one copy on paper or by e-mail. Other copies and other media (diskette, cassette, etc.) will also be charged. All shipping, shipping and insurance charges will be billed to the customer.

6. Payment terms: Our invoices are payable in cash or according to the conditions stipulated in the quote. Payment can be made in euros, by bank or postal check, by electronic transfer or by bill of exchange.

7. Penalty: any late payment legally entails late payment interest, calculated at the rate of 1.5% per month of delay, without obligation of notice. In addition, a penalty clause equal to 15% of the amount of the invoice and intended to provide a lump sum compensation for any damage resulting from the non-respect of the principal obligation is also legally due (Article 1152 of the Civil Code). We reserve the right to suspend or cancel current orders. This clause will apply in particular in case of cessation of activity, judicial reorganization or liquidation. Delivery times mean departure from our offices. Delays that are not attributable to us (strike, illness, force majeure, etc.) do not imply any right of return or any right to compensation of any kind whatsoever for the customer. In addition, any unforeseeable event releases us from our responsibility in case of service failure. The quality of the translation, adaptation or interpretation must be consistent with the usual practices of the trade. Claims can not be filed against us for style nuances, synonyms or typographical errors (tolerance of 5 per 1000). Any complaint must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within one month from the delivery or the date scheduled for the provision of the service, after which it will not be accepted.

8. Dispute Resolution: In the event of litigation or conflict of interpretation, the courts of Le Mans (Sarthe – France) have sole jurisdiction, including injunctions, contrary clauses or ancillary actions. The translator’s liability is limited to the value of the current invoice, including taxes.